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The Wall Street Journal

Horror and Laughter

In the world of Tom Epperson's violent, subtle and often beautiful
thriller "Sailor"(Forge, 352 pages, $24.99), kindness coexists with cruelty:
A hit man yearns to protect the youngster he has been hired to abduct; a Mafioso
dispenses death with one hand and familial love with the other. This book is as au
courant as any crime-fiction novel or neo-noir flick, but its themes (courage, morality,
loyalty, grace under pressure) are as old as Hemingway or Lao-tzu. It seems fitting that
the reluctant hero of "Sailor" is a Southern California drifter named Gray.

The Wall Street Journal, Friday April 13, 2012

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LA Times

Book review: 'Sailor' by Tom Epperson
By Nancie Clare

If I were a damsel in distress fleeing a past and people who wanted me dead,
like Gina Cicala in the modern noir thriller "Sailor" by Tom Epperson, I'd want to meet
a guy like Gray too. And if I were Gray, a mysterious stranger with a tortured past,
the kind of guy who rescues dogs from their abusive owners, meeting an on-the-lam
beautiful woman with a preternaturally bright son would just make perfect sense.

Los Angeles Times, Friday April 4, 2012

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The Orange County Register

Tom Epperson brings ‘Sailor’ to Book Carnival in Orange
by Peter Larsen

Tom Epperson first came to the idea that eventually became his new book “Sailor” in the
early ‘90s, though he thought of it first as a screenplay for Hollywood, a world in which
he’d recently found a measure of success as the co-writer of the movie “One False Move”
with his boyhood friend Billy Bob Thornton.

Orange County Register, Friday April 6, 2012

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The Buddy System
by Tom Nolan

My books, if you’ve noticed, they’re kinda heavy on action,” Tom Epperson is saying of his two novels, The Kind One, nominated for an Edgar Award in 2008, and this month’s publication of Sailor. “I don’t necessarily mean shoot-’em-up action, but I tell what happens, and then I have the people talking. I don’t speak in my own voice, telling the reader what everything means. I just kinda lay it out there and try to make it as visual as possible, which is of course cinematic.”

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Pulp Fiction Reviews

by Ron Fortier

Tom Epperson is a stylist whose writing displays a truly unique sensibility rarely found in the field of modern thrillers before.  He writes about complex people both good and bad, each locked into a personal moral code that propels them to accomplish wonderful feats of heroism or disgusting acts of depravity.  When they collide through various unrelated chains of events the results are scenes of mesmerizing action.

Pulp Fiction Rewiews, Friday April 8, 2012

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Billy Bob Thornton...attends Tom Epperson book-signing @ Book Soup!
"Sailor" flies off shelves!

By Julian Ayrs

For fans of Tom Epperson, the cozy little shop on Sunset just shy of Larrabee Street
(where intriguing maze-like aisles lined with rickety shelves stacked full of books beckon
from bottom-to-top) was the hottest ticket in town on Tuesday night.

Zimbio, Friday March 30, 2012

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Blackstone Audio

Exclusive Interview: Tom Epperson

Blackstone Audio is pleased to present this exclusive interview with Tom Epperson,
acclaimed screenwriter and award-winning author of Sailor. Conducting the interview
is award-winning narrator and Blackstone’s studio director Grover Gardner. 

Blackstone Audio, Friday April 10, 2012

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Arthur Kade - Video Interview

On The Run With “Sailor” With Acclaimed Author and ScreenWriter Tom Epperson
by Arthur Kade

Tom Epperson is the perfect example of everything great about “Show Business” because he is a success that took a decade plus of hard work, many failures, and never ever giving up to happen!!  Tom, along with his childhood best friend, Billy Bob Thornton (Yep..that Billy Bob Thornton!), came to LA (You have to listen to the interview below to understand the hilariousness and greatness of their journey that I think should be turned into a book/movie on it’s own!), and after years and years of “Trying to get their big break”, Tom has become one of the fastest rising stars in the Literary community and Screenwriting world.

Arthur Kade, April 23, 2012

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