"...Set amid a world of 1930s L.A gangsters, screenwriter Tom Epperson’s debut novel, The Kind One, is suspenseful noir in the vein of Raymond Chandler and James Ellroy."

Beth Fhaner, WESTWAYS, January/February 2008

"Tense, emotional, and unforgiving, Tom Epperson's THE KIND ONE is a beautifully written take
on the dark Hollywood of the 30's--a perfect noir novel that is pure and original, with a heavy
heart that beats through each page."

Robert Crais, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Tom Epperson's Depression-era Los Angeles is spot-on from the mountains to the desert to
the sea. With gangsters on the chase we race down the Sunset Strip, as bullets are flying and
blondes are crying. Epperson knows how to write with philosophic compassion and
kick-ass action. What a great read!”


“Tom Epperson brings fresh sensibility and a familiar yet uniquely poetic voice to a heart-stopping story of 1930s L.A. gangsters. Echoes of Raymond Chandler and James Ellroy… What’s not to love?”

Andy Straka, Shamus Award Winning Author

“THE KIND ONE is a veritable compendium of Great Depression Hollywood lore--the bungalow courts, the improvised families, the lost souls struggling for redemption.  Tom Epperson recalls Horace McCoy, Raoul Whitfield, and of course, Nathanael West.  The spirits of the classics haunt this book.

Carolyn See, Bestselling Author, MAKING A LITERARY LIFE