"Simply a great thriller--full of action but about people, tough but not bleak, fast and yet thoughtful.  Highly recommended."

Lee Child, New York Times bestselling author

"SAILOR is a modern-day fable, compelling and heartbreaking.  It will grab you from page one and keep you a grateful hostage until its surprising and moving conclusion."

Robert Crais, New York Times bestselling author


"SAILOR is a great read!  Just as you think you know where you're going, Tom Epperson throws another twist in your path.  Style and story, I loved it all."

Michael Connelly, New York Times bestselling author


"Employing spare, almost hallucinatory prose, and a keen eye for detail, Tom Epperson has created an unforgettable cast of characters set against a sun-bleached noir background.  By turns frightening and darkly comic, SAILOR is the literary equivalent of a Coen brothers film."

Eric Van Lustbader, New York Times bestselling author


"In this exquisitely written, expertly plotted thriller, a desperate woman and her young son, on the run from her vengeful father-in-law (she’s responsible for her husband being incarcerated), puts her trust and her last chance for survival in the hands of Gray, a man with a shadowy past.
This is a hard-edged thriller, full of violence, action, and suspense. Its hero, Gray, is appropriately mysterious, and the main villain, a man working both sides of the law to find the runaway mother and son, is despicable on a level that might have rendered him cartoonish, if it weren’t for the author’s steady hand and ability to know just how delicately he can thread the line between realism and “oh, come on, now.”
In places, the novel reads like a modernday noir; in others, it feels like a Tarantino movie—not surprising, perhaps, from an author whose 2009 debut novel The Kind One was Edgar-nominated and who makes movies with Billy Bob Thornton. If this one doesn’t also get an award nomination or two, it’ll be a big surprise—and a gross injustice."

Booklist, starred review


"A high-energy read with a veritable smorgasbord of bad guys:  a crooked U.S. marshal, a Russian hit man, a sweet kidnapper, and a Chinese power broker who reads the English classics.  ...A solid, engaging thriller with fully fleshed-out characters.  Recommended for fans of gritty suspense novels who like their villains vulgar and their heroes noble."

Library Journal


"Like The Kind One, which was one of the most enjoyable novels in recent memory, Sailor is a breezy, smart tour through familiar low-life tropes and hard boiled characters that has the lingering afterglow of literary fiction.  (The closest parallel may be Elmore Leonard.  Epperson is every bit that good, if not that prolific.)...  With black humor and grim assurance, Epperson pushes his twisting tale beyond the conventions of the genre, delivering a humane and strangely moral tale where every action engenders consequences which even the worst thugs must consider...  [Epperson] wields his spare prose like a razor - you don't even feel it as he cuts out your heart."

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette